Japan Tops The List For the World’s Most Powerful Passport

Japan Tops The List For the World’s Most Powerful Passport

The Henley Passport Index is an index that shows the global ranking of countries that has the amount of countries they can visit without a visa by only their passport. The Index ranks all the countries passports annual and this year, Japan was the winner.

According to their index for the year 2020, Japan tops the list for having the strongest passport in the world. This means Japenese locals can visit the majority of the countries without going through the rigorous process of visa applications and awaiting approvals.

Japan topped the list for being able to visit 191 countries without a visa beating last year’s top passport, the Singaporean passport.

Singapore holds the 2nd place for being able to visit 190 countries without a visa, Germany came 3rd, tying with South Korea by being able to visit 189 countries visa-free. The United States ranked 8th along with UK at 184 countries.

However, Pakistan still remained at the bottom 5th for its passport ranking. Out of a total score of 107, Pakistan ranked at 104, tied with Somalia for having travel access to only 32 countries without a visa. Whereas, India ranked at 84 with access to 58 countries without a visa.

Afghani Passport ranked the lowest with only visa-free access to 26 countries.

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