Just for Kicks: Hoverboard Practicality Guide

Just for Kicks: Hoverboard Practicality Guide

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Hover-boards are cool. Assisted levitation is, all things considered, a welcome development in the world of gizmos and gadgets. See: Exhibit A below.

Dog Day Lol GIF by Justin Gammon
Exhibit A, lest there was any doubt.

Always trust a man in a top hat, housing a rabbit.

Rabbit Lol GIF by Justin Gammon

One of the most iconic fictional characters of ALL time, Harry Potter, has, by implication, something to say about hoverboards too. WINgardium Hover-osa.

Levitation GIF

So why are we here? To walk you through six situations where you could totally use a hoverboard, and assess practicality of said use in each case. We’re giving 2 ratings: a) Strongly Recommended and b) Soch lein

1. Rukhsati on hoverboard

This sounds like an excellent idea on paper. It really does. But bridal attire is heavy, embellished and expensive. Yes it would make for cool pictures and video. And you’d be a star to your friends for all of 15 minutes. But we advise caution. VERDICT: Soch lein


2. Hoverboard out of work on pay-day 

Do it. VERDICT: Strongly Recommended


3. Substitute cardio with hoverboard-workout

While this is an appealing way to ‘change things up’ in your workout, we’re not sure it works for everyone across the board. If you’re already a pro at balance, then by all means- be our guest. Imagine the snaps and grams you could get from doing some bicep curls while hovering. VERDICT: Recommended with strong reservations 


Newsradio GIF
Required: a) MAD skills b) hoverboard

4. Window-shopping at the mall on hoverboard you bought HERE! 

We say window-shop because if you knew what was good for you, of course you wouldn’t commit your time and money to anything more than that. 😛 Right? Right! What are we here for? Avoid Saturdays and Sundays because of excess awaam. Depending on the day of the week, and provided you’re not pulling these shenanigans on a weekend, go for it. VERDICT: Strongly Recommended

5. Hover-board into a China shop 

darth vader hoverboard GIF
3 seconds of legit

Avoid at all costs. If Darth Vader can fall, anyone can.  VERDICT: Sochye bhee mut 

6. Hoverboard on the beach 

Done and done.  VERDICT: Strongly Recommended

7. Hover drive-thru 

Hoverboard GIF

If the GIF says it can happen, it can happen. VERDICT: Strongly Recommended

8. Hoverboard flashmob/dance crew

Easier to watch than pull-off, but if you can manage it, not only do we recommend it, you just might hear from our Marketing team. Also this skill enjoys crossover shaadi-season applicability.  VERDICT: Strongly Recommended  

Hoverboard Dancing GIF
Mehndi on our minds

There you have it folks. Get ’em here.

Usman Ghani

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