Karachi Police Struggles to Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown

Karachi Police Struggles to Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown

With the alarming rate of Coronavirus increasing in Pakistan and especially the higher rate of patients belonging to the Sindh province, the Sindh Government on the 23rd of March had imposed a strict lockdown.

A statement was issued that stated a ban on public gatherings, closure of businesses and offices, and restriction on stepping out of the house unnecessarily. However, in Karachi, people can still be seen to not abide by the law and can be seen to be stepping out of the house and not practicing the “social distancing” protocol that is being implemented worldwide.

. As of reporting, the number of confirmed cases had surpassed 850.

As of today, approximately, 222 people have been detained in Karachi to be found of violating the ban and not maintaining social distancing.

Out of the arrested, an individual was arrested on Saturday in Mohammad Ali Society for keeping a wedding ceremony in the basement of a bungalow. SHO Aurangzaib Khattak stated that the police had conducted a raid and arrested the involved.

The COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus that has affected 850 people in Pakistan and taken 6 lives as of now. Often, the deadly virus shows no symptoms making it difficult to know who might be the carrier.

Mr. Saeed Ghani, the Education Minister in Sindh, in a video statement said, “I got myself tested for Covid-19 and surprisingly it was declared positive despite the fact that I have no symptoms such as flu, cough, fever and I am not feeling pain in my body. However, as the test has been declared positive so I have decided to remain in isolation for two weeks and will stay at home and perform duties from here.”

Usman Ghani

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