Keep Calm, We’ve Got the Power (Banks)

Keep Calm, We’ve Got the Power (Banks)

Battery life has become the new benchmark for phone performance. If a phone doesn’t offer what you need out the box or its battery degrades over time, a power bank can step in and see you through. We’ve all found ourselves on the receiving end of

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It was great while it lasted.


^ that. If a concerned parent or friend is on the end of that call, you’d best run for cover. Ever had a special someone ask you if you love them only to find your battery doesn’t love you in that moment? We have. It’s not fun. Between any number of awkward scenarios and you, dear readers, is an ergonomically efficient Power Bank.

Let this be the year you never have to say ‘About last night…yeah, my battery died.’ These portable, lightweight devices can fit snugly in your life, and your hand. Your able companions in work and leisure, while commuting or camping, Power banks have become wildly successful because they help us keep up with the pace of 21st Century life. If battery-life is currency in an age of constant connectivity, then Power Banks have plenty of it.  Say goodbye to searching for that elusive charging socket. Let these Power Banks bail you out when you’re in the red-zone.

  1. Anker Power Core 10400 mAh 

Brimming with the capacity to charge a flagship phone over three times. Power is delivered via twin high-speed USB ports, providing simultaneous multi-device charging. This fella is testament to the fact that when power and portability go hand-in-hand, good things happen.


2.   Romoss Sense 6P Power Bank 20000 mAh

This large capacity power bank can charge an iPad Mini for 3.2 times, a Galaxy S6 5.4 times, and an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s 9 times. Sense 6 LED power bank adopts fit charge technology to detect the charging managing IC inside your mobile devices. It automatically detects the needed current of your devices, and then delivers the fastest and safest charging current. Husb-e-zuroorut.


3.  DANY Powerbank Alpha X100 10000 mAh 

The Alpha X100  has the capacity to charge 7 bar/4 smart phone mobiles in one charge battery output. It has dual USB ports that enables 2 electronic devices to be connected simultaneously. Further it is equipped with an in-built LED bright light function as well as auto on LED Lamp and Digital LED indicators to show battery status. At 220-grams, it is svelte and yours to carry- anywhere and everywhere- with ease.


4. Proda Power Bank 10000 mAh 

Like the others above, this Proda Powerbank comes with a double USB interface, letting you charge 2 mobile devices at once. Have no fear of over-charging or over-heating; the Proda uses intelligent protection to modulate its charge levels. It’s compatible for smart phones, ipads, MP3s, PCs, digital cameras, iPods. You’re covered. We’re especially impressed with the intelligent dormancy state it offers users: after 60 seconds of inactivity, the Prodo will automatically enter a dormant state, minimizing power consumption.


5. Xiaomi Power Bank Quick Charge 2.0 10000mAh 

More than 40+ million Mi Power Bank units have been sold globally. No surprise given these specifications. This model’s 10000mAh capacity can charge the iPhone 7 up to four times. It comes in an aluminium metal case, at an ultra sleek thickness of only 0.49”. With up to 18 W fast charging, this power bank can intelligently adjust power output to safely charge each connected device. You can charge your device and the Power Bank itself at one and the same time: bidirectional charging and discharging. We’re sold. 



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