How to Be the King of Romance Like Shahrukh Khan

How to Be the King of Romance Like Shahrukh Khan

Ok so we all know SRK is the king of romance right? No contest. No excuses. It’s him. Period.

Now that we have that established, here are a few untold tips from the ultimate #BollyBae so you can embrace the romantic that you are on the inside, because lord knows we can take all the help we can get

Find a nice meadow to stand the middle of

Acquire hat & banjo. Lucky for you, we’ve got both


If you don’t have a meadow near you, mountains will do too

We haven’t got those yet. Check back in a month. We probably will.


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT forget to outstretch your arms. That’s key here.

Find the perfect sweater for that pop of colour


But don’t wear that! It goes over your shoulders. So what if it’s cold on those mountains? This is why you’re single. Because you’ve been wearing sweaters wrong your entire life.

Wear thinly framed glasses

Look at you. You look classy already. Also you will need a violin.


Have a fan casually blowing into your hair at all times

And you thought you could impress someone without your tresses floating in slo-mo? You amateur. Here’s a usb fan.

Lose your shirt to reveal perfect abs


We’ll give you the shirt. You’ll have to get the abs yourself. Only 6 days to go, so no pressure right?

Good luck and don’t forget the arms

Usman Ghani

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