KPK Government Begins Work on Pakistan’s First Digital City

KPK Government Begins Work on Pakistan’s First Digital City

As the digitalization of many countries takes place, Pakistan is keen to keep up with the trend as the KPK government is targeting 30,000 jobs, as it begins to introduce a Digital City, the first such initiative in the country.

The Pakistan Digital City will be developed in the KP’s Haripur district as a hub for high technology, creativity and the development of thousands of new jobs in the industry.

The provincial government introduced this “New KP” program two years back in 2018 in a plan to build jobs for young people in the digital economy.

“Potential investors will be invited to establish their facilities, including software houses, technology incubators, electronics manufacturers, mobile, computer and communications equipment manufacturers,” the official said.

The former head of Digital Pakistan, Tania Aidrus who visited the site in July, said “who was highly motivated to see the research performed by Zia Ullah Bangash and his team on the development of young people in the area.”

“Virtual City in Pakistan will continue to offer exciting prospects for tech businesses as well as people from KP and Pakistan,” she said. “Potential developers will be welcomed to develop their facilities – like software houses, technology incubators, suppliers of electronic products, internet, computer and communication equipment,” she said.

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