Lahore Witnesses Its Coldest Morning in 70 Years

Lahore Witnesses Its Coldest Morning in 70 Years

Isn’t Pakistan overall witnessing a lot of cold this year? So, we all agree how cold the weather has become and more than 100 people have also been died because of the harsh weather. This climatic change has taken a very different turn on Pakistan’s weather.

So, a similar record has been broken in Lahore as Lahoris witness the coldest morning on Thursday morning. The PMD also recorded the temperature to be 1°C, which is the coldest in 70 years.

The capital city’s mercury dropped to -1.1°C on 28th December, 1950 which was exactly 70 years ago. So, the cold is back and Pakistanis will witness a drop in temperature again as it continues to rain and snow.

Usman Ghani

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