What I Learnt from Dance Practices This Year

What I Learnt from Dance Practices This Year

We do this every year. EVERY YEAR!

We start dance practices and end up with a volcanic fight between three families. So here’s a guide as the shaadi season is ending so we can finally get it right the next time

Appoint a lead

This is imperative. How and why you choose this person is of utmost importance. They must have an iron will and the skills to boot. This person will handle the tiny spats on the dance floor and make sure everyone falls in line.

Playlist at the ready

Lock a playlist early on in the game and make sure everyone sticks to it to a T. no one gets to make changes, not even the Dulhan (ok, that’s taking it a bit too far).



Dedicate a space for all the bhangras you’re gonna do. A shaadi house is insane in many other ways, find a spot that takes you away from all the insanity.


The one that holds the speakers holds the power. Well, some of it. Invest in some with Bluetooth technology so you can move around if you don’t have a dedicated space.

Just have fun

Come Mehndi day, no one’s going to be chastising every move you make, so you might as well have fun. Even if you don’t get it perfect, everyone will remember the great time you had.


Usman Ghani

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