Let the hunger pangs begin

Let the hunger pangs begin

We all love Ramadan but what we love most is the detoxing benefits fasting has for our mind, body and soul. It is possibly the best kind of cleanse you can give yourself. However we cant deny but the growling and churning effect of the fast isnt unknown to any of us. I mean lets face it, as soon as the clock tick 12 the energy levels start to drop and things start to get a little blurry. 2:30 PM almost seems like a dream ; oh wait that’s probably because you are asleep but wait! At 4 PM is when the real test starts. The hunger pangs really begin to kick in and stomach starts to grumble to a point of comfortableness – good thing your colleague sitting next to you feels the same way. If you’re home in this heat and fasting you’re lucky because trust me being at work or out and out aint easy when all you want is a cup of coffee! But hey, Ramadan is all about self control for the betterment of our mind and body so quit complaining!

We would however shed light on some of the typical symptoms of the Rozaydaar!

Don’t wake me up! No seriously DON’T!



Don’t talk to me! I’m fasting!



Did I just fall asleep at work again?



That wasn’t my stomach growling!




It’s still only 1 PM?



I could eat an entire chicken i’m so hungry! But its only 12:30 PM?



Did someone say coffee? None for you!



What’s wrong with your face? Umm excuse me?



10 mins to iftaar, Rozaydaars be like ..

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