How to Look More Put Together in Ramadan

How to Look More Put Together in Ramadan

Not everyone likes to put effort into the way they look and when it comes to Ramadan you have even less energy to care about the way that you look. For those of us however that need to show up to work or go to university, turning up in your night suit may not always be an option.

So here are a few things you can do this Ramadan to put in minimum effort and not look like a complete hobo.

Make sure your eyebrows are done

You’d be surprised at how much of an effect eyebrows have on the way you look. Having your eyebrows and upper lips done can instantly make your eyes look bigger, your face sharper and your face brighter. Also, its something you need to do every two weeks or so and you’d be surprised at how many things you can find on the market designed to get rid of our mustache woes.

The 4th Element

Whenever you’re getting ready you have your basics; your outfit, makeup and shoes. Then there is that 4th element that really picks up your style. Whether it’s a statement bag, a great bracelet, a watch or a pair of sunglasses, this 4th element becomes the connecting factor that takes minimal effort but makes it look like you cared.


Never underestimate the power of basics. As much as our lawn-loving country loves prints and patterns, simplicity is what stands out amidst the clutter. If you do want to wear a pattern you love, have a plain element that goes with it.


One would think this is a no brainer but there are a lot of people walking around that don’t particularly care about the creases in their outfit. A perfectly ironed outfit makes you look instantly more put together. Also, there are certain fabrics that are fine at the start of the day and get progressively wrinklier as the day goes on. Plus, a steamer takes all the mehnat out of ironing.



I have seen so many girls that aren’t wearing the right size clothes. They’re either too tight or too loose. A perfectly tailored outfit goes a long way. One pro tip is to pay attention to how your size changes based on the style of the cut or the outlet you’re buying it from. Sometimes you may be a small, sometimes an extra small. Sometimes you may be a small at the top and a medium at the bottom. Identify what works best for your body shape and buy accordingly.

Usman Ghani

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