Make-up blunders we don’t even know were making

Make-up blunders we don’t even know were making

If done correctly, make-up can be a girls best friend but if done wrong, it can be her worst enemy! We all know mastering the art of flawless make-up takes a lot of practice and a lot of time. not only do the products you use matter but the technique used to apply and blend your way through your make-up makes a world of a difference. you could be using the most expensive and raved products in the market and yet failing to achieve that perfect finish.



Here are a few tips we’d like to share with our readers to help guide them through the make-up do’s and dont’s:

Mistake 1

Using a foundation that’s a lot lighter than your skin tone

Most of us girls think it ok to use foundation that is two three shades lighter than our skin tone is ok – its not! Achieving a fair complexion shouldn’t be the aim. Getting a flawless and seamless finish should be. the biggest mistake we tend to make that is that owing to all the hype created around fairness in the subcontinent we automatically assume that being fair or at least looking it will make us stand out as beautiful. Well that’s not the case. What’s actually important is to use a shade of foundation that is your skin tone or at the most one shade lighter. Anything lighter than that and you are creating room for your application to look fake and cakey.

Try one of these foundations for a flawless finish:


Mistake 2

DON’T smile as you apply blush to the apples of cheeks

Doing so raises your cheeks from their actually position, stretching out the skin on the apples, so when you stop smiling, the blush tends to be applied lower than the apples of the cheeks. Another mistake we all make is applying a really bright shade of blush! remember, the more subtle your blush the more it adds that natural peachy tint to your skin which is the function of a blush – not to significantly stand out making you look decked up.

Here some great shades to try out:


Mistake 3

DON’T do dark-hued lipsticks on thin lips – its a serious no no!

No matter how trendy you think dark lip shades are, if you have thin lips, avoid using them. Dark colours make already-small lips recede. Brighter, richer colors are a beautiful alternative to accentuate lips and make them look fuller.

Try these shades to accentuate your lips:


Mistake 4

Don’t forget to prime and moisturizer before starting your make-up application

Applying make-up to perfect moisturized and primed face is the key to smooth and flawless finish of make-up. It not only makes the make-up last longer but also helps give your complexion the glow it need to look fresh all day. Never apply make-up to a dry face – it will definitely look patchy and unattractive!

Our favourite primers and moisturizers:


Mistake 5

DON’T assume your brow filler needs to be a shade darker – you don’t want to end up looking like a drag queen!

When it comes to eyebrows, filling in the right colour is just as important as the direction in which you stroke them. It’s always best to use one shade lighter than your original brow shade because once you start filling them out they’ll only get get darker and start looking drawn. What makes a huge difference is the tool with which your filling your brows and the direction – for a bushy brow look you  might want to use a mascara shaped brush but for a bold but tamed brow look you’d use a thin brow brush. While for the bushy brow you’d stroke upwards, for the bold brow you must gently stroke straight.

Here are one of our favourite brow fillers:

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