How To Make Perfumes Last Longer In Summer

How To Make Perfumes Last Longer In Summer

How to Make Perfumes Last Longer in Summers?

Scents have the power to define you. They represent your personality and become your signature leaving a mark on people to remember you. They help you stay happy and confident. Usually, one of the most expensive items on your dressing table is perfumes. We would always love to smell of our favorite fragrance all day long but don’t you just hate it when your fragrance fades away in a couple of hours? It’s very disappointing to know that your perfume’s longevity is not quite up to the mark. Mostly, in summers, when we tend to sweat a lot, a perfume’s lasting is needed the most. During the summer season, people start using vitamin c based skin care products. You can very conveniently blame the perfume and even think that long-lasting perfumes may be expensive but sometimes, you need to understand that your way of application might be wrong. Or maybe, the areas you are applying your perfume are just not right.

 Here are a few tips and tricks to make your perfume last longer throughout the hot days.

Right Timings

Whether you believe it or not, the secret to long-lasting perfumes also depends on your timings. You should apply it at the right time so as to get the best results. Perfumes should be sprayed immediately after a shower. This is because the hydrated and damp body/skin holds on to the fragrance and locks the scent so as to make it last longer. So, once you apply it, give it a little time to dry so that it doesn’t rub off and then get dressed to get the best results.


Moisturizing has always been the key! It is very essential to apply lotion before spraying your perfume. Oily or moisturized skin will help you retain your fragrance for a very long time. It is always a good idea to choose an unscented lotion so that your perfume fragrance does not clash with the lotions. If not, then the best way is to use the same moisturizer as the fragrance so as to get an even more intense signature scent.  

Right Areas

There are certain places where you should be applying your perfume so that it stays longer. The best places to apply perfumes are your pulse points like your wrists, neck, elbows and the backside of your knees. These are basically the areas where the veins are close to the skin’s surface and you can feel your blood circulation too. These areas have your blood vessels closest to the skin and are warm enough to emanate your fragrance. Just make sure you do not rub your wrists together after applying fragrance or else the oil breaks down. Generally, people apply unisex fragrances or unisex perfumes in those areas of the body.

Store Properly

It is very important to store your perfumes in the right place. Heat, light, and humidity tend to break down all the compounds in your perfume and this way the fragrance gets less. It is preferred to store your bottle in a cool place, away from the sunlight, in order to keep the scent strong and unaltered. Make sure you don’t keep them in the bathroom as the heat and humidity from your bathing routine can entirely damage your fragrance.

Right Formula

While using perfumes, we all know there are different formulas and each serves a different purpose. A body spray, cologne, mist or even an eau de toilette has a very low concentration of fragrance oils and the scent is not only subtle but also has low lasting power. However, Eau de parfum or Extrait de parfum has the ability to last the longest. So, suit yourself and pick what stays the longest! Usually, the best perfume for men that last long, are usually very strong with higher concentration while the best perfume for girls & ladies that last long are usually low on concentration with very soft notes. 


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