Makeup Essentials for Everyday College Looks!

Makeup Essentials for Everyday College Looks!

How many times have you felt a low-key embarrassment when you looked into a mirror after a long day at college?

Just imagine seeing your face all sweaty and blotchy, your lip color half gone and your dark circles revealing the secret that you hadn’t slept well in weeks—oh, the horror!

College can be draining, and it can be really hard to find time to keep your look (and yourself!) together. But hey! We got your back!

Because you’re always operating on a time crunch, we’ve prepared a list of makeup essentials that you can use to create a basic everyday look in a jiffy!

Concealers are a MUST!

The years of college can be so overwhelming! It’s that time in your life when you want to have a set routine, but you don’t. When you want to sleep early, but pulling all-nighters becomes a daily thing.

That’s where your seemingly untraceable dark circles come from! And we know there isn’t a lot that you can do to prevent them either.

Well, that’s where a long-lasting concealer comes in super handy! Find the right shade of concealer for your skin tone, and never forget to apply it! This way you can effortlessly hide your dark circles from the world.

Areas you want to cover include under-eyes, around the nose and mouth, and any discoloration or blemishes on your face.

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You Need a BB Cream with Minimum SPF-15

Your college practically becomes your home. On most days, you spend more than 8 hours at campus; during which you’re almost constantly on the move.

Think about the dust, dirt and harmful UV rays from the sun that affect your skin! Your skin pores get clogged, you get tanned and your skin generally starts to look quite dull.

BB creams can help you restore some life to your skin! A BB cream that also provides SPF protection will not only even out your skin tone, but will also act as a necessary protective layer against the harmful UV sun rays.

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Outline Your Eyes with Kajal/Eyeliner

After spending all night preparing for your test or exam, your eyes are going to look tired. It’s not your fault, college is to blame!

Here’s what you can do to make your eyes look brighter and fresher—use a kajal/eyeliner without fail!

Which one you want to choose is totally your discretion. Choose whichever one you feel more comfortable in. This step will really open up your eyes, taking away that tired look off your face.

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Add a Flushed Look with a Blush

Of course it’s optional but a slight tint on your cheeks is only going to make you look all the more amazing. So we say that you don’t skip this.

Ideally, you should find a blush-on shade that looks natural. So, nothing too bold. Perhaps a natural pink shade would be perfect.

Just grab your blush and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. And, remember that you want it to look natural, so don’t go overboard!

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Paint Your Lips with a Long-Lasting Lip Color

After you’re done doing most of your face, it’s time to add some color to the lips. The shade you choose could be anything you’re comfortable in, but we’d suggest that you go for a more naturalistic shade. That would be more proper to wear to college everyday.

There are several types of lip colors available today—mineral, matte, matte-moist, gloss, etc. It’s your call whether you want a glossy look or a matte finish, but make sure that you choose a long-lasting one. Just find an affordable lip tint for your everyday use.

During the long hours of college, your lip color tends to become light. Not to mention, eating and drinking, plus the dust, can also cause it to wear away. That’s why, a long-lasting lip color is your best bet!

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Finish off with a Compact Powder & a Setting Spray

By now you’ll have finished doing most of your makeup. Your eyes are all set, your blush is on point and your lips are perfectly rosy!

It would be a shame to let all this effort go to waste when everything starts to either melt because of heat or fade away as time passes. This is why you need a compact powder and a setting spray.

Use a compact powder all over your face after you’re finished doing your makeup. This will blend everything nicely, making sure nothing looks cakey or too much.

Now to keep it all in place, use a good-quality makeup setting spray. Spray it all over your face and let it dry. This should keep your makeup together through the course of your day!

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