Making Sure you Wake up for Sehri

Making Sure you Wake up for Sehri

I’m a night owl. Actually, I have surpassed night owls. Night owls look at me and go, ‘…wtf?’

So, when I say I face difficulties waking up for Sehri, I’m not exaggerating.

In fact, my M.O. used to be to never fall asleep which was fine when I went to school and university and all but I don’t have the liberty of sleeping throughout the day ever since I’ve started working.

Here’s a few things I picked up in my sleepy state of yesteryears

The first week is going to be hard

Well it’s meant to be but I always face this wave of optimism where I think everything is going to be a piece of cake. I mean, I’ve done this so many times anyway. But your system takes a hit when you don’t get enough sleep and when you’re fasting, you’ll be low on energy throughout the day. Mentally prepare yourself that it’ll take time to fall into the Ramadan pattern and that’s ok.

Sleep Early

Everyone and their neighbor will give you the same piece of advice. Sleep early. Let’s say it together. Sleep early. It sounds great in theory but every time I fall into bed my brain decides to think of every topic under the sun and before I know it, its 2 am.

One good rule is to stay away from screens before you fall asleep. Stay away from Netflix, Insta, Facebook, Snapchat or whatever you kids are into these days. Just decide on a bedtime and stick to it.


Don’t set 10 alarms just to snooze the last one. Yes, I’m speaking to you. Just set the one, that way your brain will know there’s no space for error. Count to ten and jump out of bed, no matter how impossible it seems. Think of the Sehri parathas. Let their smell wake you up.

10 alarms do nothing, also everyone around you hates you.

Stay away from the caffeine

Chai, coffee are basically like water for us desis and I know I’m running to make that cup of coffee just as I’ve finished iftaari followed by a second, a third and maybe even a fourth cup.

Consider this. Iftaar takes place, depending on where you are in Pakistan, after 7pm and having multiple cups of caffeine will just keep your body up that late in the day even if you’re feeling tired. So stick to the one cup of chai post-iftaari if you really need it.

Ask someone to wake you

Where would be without friends and family? We all have that one responsible person in our life who miraculously never has trouble waking up in the morning. Keep them close and ask them to help your sleepy self out.


Usman Ghani

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