Maryam Nawaz Got Struck by Her Own Guard

Maryam Nawaz Got Struck by Her Own Guard

Outside the Islamabad High Court, Maryam Nawaz mistakenly got struck by a person from her own security team. This happened after some supporters of the PML-N leader tried to swarm her.

Nawaz was seen holding her shoulder after she got struck. The security guard’s fist was trying to control the crowd when his fist mistakenly hit her.

Maryam shrieked out in pain when this happened, after which her husaband, Captain (retd) Safdar was seen pushing the crowd away and consoling his wife.

Two days after the news circulated about parliamentary leaders meeting with the army chief, Maryam Nawaz denied having any such knowledge of PML-N members attending the meet.

Bilal Uddin

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