A Guide to Maternity Clothing in Pakistan for Expecting Moms!

Expecting a new bundle of joy soon? Among the many changes a baby brings to your life, the change in your wardrobe is a big one. Suddenly, your clothes are going to feel snug and you’ll find yourself in a dire need for maternity clothes in Pakistan that not only fit you well but also look cute.

If you’re a first time mom and have some questions about maternity clothes in 2021 and how to go about styling them, what fabrics and fits to select, and where to buy them, you’ve come to the right place!

Maternity Clothes in Pakistan Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage should you buy maternity clothes?

For the first few weeks, you’ll be good to wear your regular clothes but as your body starts growing, you can simply start sizing up one or two sizes. Eventually though, you will need proper maternity clothing so you feel comfortable and light and allow your baby plenty of room to grow while still feeling chic and not like you’ve been trying to fit into clothes that are too small for you.

What are the best clothes to wear during pregnancy?

The best maternity clothes are ones that fit your body well overall while allowing space for your baby bump to grow comfortably through the duration of pregnancy. Luckily, maternity clothes in Pakistan can be custom made by tailors to fit your exact measurements. If you’re looking to shop for maternity clothes online in Pakistan, you can look for flowy cuts, longer dresses, and kurtas that have a more mardana style or boxy cut to allow plenty of room to grow into while still looking chic.

Where can I find cheap maternity clothes?

If you’re looking for cheap maternity clothes online in Pakistan, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from local brands with stores like Generation. Generation carries a lot of loose, light fabric, flowy dresses that will help expecting moms to be look super chic while still being able to feel comfortable in their changing body. Check out options for maternity clothing in Pakistan below!

Maternity Clothes in Pakistan

Long, flowy dresses

Whether you get them stitched or buy them pre made from brands like Generation, long flowy dresses are a staple for any pregnant mama! These gorgeous pieces can be worn on their own or paired with comfy pregnancy tights or loose palazzos to complete the look and keep you looking stylish!

Generation-Stitched 1 - Piece Summer Collection Candy dress Lawn Basic-S21B4604 -Pink
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Loose Kurta Shalwars

A nice oversized salwar kameez is going to be your best friend during your pregnancy. Not only is it a classic combo, its also versatile and will feel great for your expanding belly while still having a flattering silouhette.

Generation-Stitched 1 - Piece Summer Collection White Blor Tunic Voile (Lawn) Classic-S21C4164-White
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A Good Pair of Maternity Pants

Maternity pants are an absolute must for mamas to be. The elastic waistband is meant to grow as you grow and the aim is to provide maximum comfort throughout your trimesters. You can find them as jeans, joggers, pants, or culottes.

Pregnant Women Maternity Calf-Length Pants Pregnancy Casual High Waist Pants
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Short A-Line or Loose Fitting Kurtis

Kurtis go great with shalwars, regular pants, culottes, or even a solid pair of maternity jeans. You can style them up with lots of cute accessories or just wear them to lounge around.

Generation-Stitched 1 - Piece Summer Collection Kanoko Peplum Top Voile Basic-S21B4836 -Yellow
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Short, breezy dresses

If shorter dresses are more your style, you can opt for any dress that has bunched fabric at the waist to allow for a flowy silhouette to conceal that bump while also making you look super cute!

Black Short Sleeve Plus Maternity/Nursing Dress
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Have you started shopping for the newborn yet? if No, then head out to our baby section and find amazing baby clothing online.

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