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With the growth of online shopping in Pakistan, it’s no surprise that an online pharmacy is something many people are getting used to, especially in a post COVID world. Medicines are an incredibly important part of many peoples lives and to run out of the necessary medication with no way to get to the store can be dangerous for some. So if you’re prone to searching ‘home delivery pharmacy near me’ with no idea who to trust to deliver genuine medicines to your doorstep, we’ve got news!

Daraz now gives you the chance to shop from online medical stores in Pakistan with the same quick and easy way you shop for any other products on the platform. From necessary supplements to painkillers, to emergency medical supplies and specialized testing equipment like blood pressure and blood sugar checkers, Daraz is putting your safety and convenience first!

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping from Online Pharmacy Pakistan

Be Sure to Check The Dosage of The Medicine You’re Buying

The same medicine can have different dosage values so be sure to ensure you are buying the correct mg prescribed to you by your doctor. The same goes for supplements and protein powders – you may need to adjust the amount of medicine you are ingesting if the dosage does not match your prescription. You can save yourself this hassle by checking the details of the product or asking the seller for clarification.

Clarify Any Questions with Seller Chat Features

Use the seller chat feature to the best of your advantage and ask sellers to help you if you have any confusion regarding the product.

Check Specifications of Equipment

Sometimes, you may have specific requirements from your equipment – like needing to buy a small band size for blood pressure monitors for children or the elderly, or you may need blood sugar testing strips along with your monitor or just the strips and not the monitor. To avoid confusion, always ensure you’re reading specifications in detail.

So next time you’re looking for a place that offers online medicine delivery, just open up your Daraz app and shop with the comfort of knowing that you come first!

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