Don’t Make These Mistakes if You Want to Avoid Hyperpigmentation

Don’t Make These Mistakes if You Want to Avoid Hyperpigmentation

There can be a number of different reasons and a few uncontrollable factors too that can cause hyperpigmentation on your skin. Reasons can include hormones, direct exposure to the sun and sometimes use of bad quality skin care or makeup products too.

However, there are a few mistakes that we make too that cause hyperpigmentation or increase your chances of developing it. Here are some of the most common ones that you need to find out and stop doing immediately.

If you’re picking at your pimples, stop right away!

Popping pimples can be a very common habit in women. But, did you know doing this can be one of the major reasons for increased hyperpigmentation? Yes, you heard that right. Even though popping pimples and whiteheads and squeezing out blackheads can be very satisfying but harmful at the same time. Just like your body has a mechanism that heals injuries on its own, it treats pimples too in the same manner. By picking on them, we are not allowing the body to heal it and this will increase inflammation which further triggers melanin production. This is how you end up getting stubborn acne scars. So, instead of popping them, you need to start the spot treatment.

Cleansing is good but don’t overcleanse!

Skin irritation can be caused by the wrong choice of products. Some products can be a little more harsh and leave the skin so dehydrated. So, what basically happens is when your body feels that your skin is less moisturized, it starts producing oils in order to lubricate the skin and the combination of foaming cleansers and natural oil production causes acne.

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This is why overcleansing tends to damage your skin and makes it feel itchy, sensitive and even acne prone. All you need to do is, use a cleanser that has low pH and does not dry your skin out.

Are you exfoliating too much?

Exfoliators can work really well for the skin. It helps you remove all the dead skin and can leave your skin smooth and glowing but overusing them can make your skin and acne worse. This will trigger inflammation and also dehydrate your skin causing acne and hyperpigmentation.
Only exfoliate your face twice or thrice a week so that your skin stays healthy and happy.

You’re probably not giving Sunscreens the attention they deserve

Repeat after me: SPFs are your BFFs. You must be hearing this and probably ignoring it too that sunscreen is really important for the skin. You probably have the least idea about the damage sun rays do to your skin. Sun exposure increases inflammation that eventually causes hyperpigmentation. The best practice is to keep reapplying the sunscreen every two hours whether you’re indoors or outdoors, whether it’s sunny or cloudy. This will also prevent you from premature ageing.

Keynote: Hyperpigmentation is natural and it does happen but it would by avoiding a few common mistakes that we mindlessly make, we can reduce the chances of having it.

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