Mistakes You Are Making After Oiling Your Hair

Mistakes You Are Making After Oiling Your Hair

Hair Oiling is one of the best natural remedies to all the hair problems. It involves zero chemicals, adds shine and luster to your hair and makes them soft and full of life. And not only this, you also get a good head massage while you apply your hair. Oiling nourishes your hair thoroughly but these benefits only work if you’re doing it right. There are some common mistakes that you might unintentionally be practicing without knowing they’re all actually mistakes. Here’s a list of mistakes you need to avoid after you’ve oiled your hair and scalp.

Combing Your Hair

You should never comb your hair right after applying oil because this can be a little rough and can cause hair loss too. If you really wish to comb them, just start from the tips and go slowly go up while you tangle your hair.

Keeping Oil Overnight

Despite hearing this from our elders that we should let the oil stay in our hair overnight, it actually isn’t a very good idea. The more greasy it gets, the more dirt it collects and mixes with the natural oil of your own scalp. Best practice is to keep the oil on for a couple of hours.

Using Another Hair Product

Any other hair product along with oil specially the ones that contain chemicals too can be a really bad mix and can also damage your scalp or react to it. Just stick to oil and if you really want to use other hair care products then use them separately.

Blow dry or Blowout

Girls tend to blow dry their hair right after wash so that they dry up quick. Some like to get them styled too. They might seem very beautiful but using any chemical or heating product right after wash or in general leads to weak and damaged hair.

Hair Tying

Tying up hair adds nothing but a lot of pressure to your hair which makes it weak and damaged. This can cause a lot of hair fall too! Once you’ve applied oil, leave them open until you wash them.

Here are a few oils that will nourish your hair in the best manner.

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