Moto Razr vs. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Which One’s Better?

Moto Razr vs. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Which One’s Better?

Flip phones are back after a long and this time, the catch is that Motorola is not the only manufacturer with Moto Razr. Samsung too has unveileved Galaxy Z Flip. If you’re into foldable phones and they kind of impress you, here’s a comparison that’ll help you find the phone you should get!

Display & Design

Being a little shorter, wider and thicker than Moto Razr, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip folds open to a 6.7 inch Dynamic Amoled screen which has a very thin glass. Moto Razr is comparatively smaller but one good thing is that it has a chin at the bottom which is the hub for the fingerprint sensor. Z Flip’s fingerprint sensor is located on the side. Moto Razr’s screen is half inch smaller on the diagonal and the material it is made on is plastic while Z Flip‘s screen is bigger diagonally and also boasts high resolution. Secondary display is very small and only meant to be for notifications on Z Flip. Razr’s outer display on the other hand is bigger but that too is intended for notifications and you’ll have to open the phone to respond to all your notifications.

We have very less details on the durability of both the brands. However, we do know that Moto Razr‘s screen makes a creaking noise when it’s folded. Moto Razr is splash resistant so even rain shouldn’t be a problem while using the phone. On the other hand, Z Flip has no details on water resistance. Razr’s design is quite similar to the version that came out in 2004 so it takes us back to the same phone that got very popular in the 2000s. Z Flip has a different look and has a smaller external display but a superior main display.

So, on the display category, both phone are on tie.


Talking about Performance, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is packed with a very powerful processor which is known to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus and is also backed by 8 GB of RAM. It also has 256 GB storage. On the other hand, Motorola Razr has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 and RAM of 6 GB and storage of 128 GB with no external storage space. Here, Z Flip wins the race because it is clearly more capable and should be more faster compared to Razr and will also handle multitasking at a better speed.

Z Flip’s battery is also way better comparatively and bigger too. It sports a 3300 mAh battery with wireless charging while Moto Razr has 2510 mAh battery which doesn’t even last as long. None of the phones support 5G.


Galaxy Z Flip comes with a dual-lens main camera pairing a 12 MP sensore with a second ultra-wide 12 MP lens and a front facing camera of 10 MP at the top of the screen and all this makes it a clear winner. Moto Razr on the contrary has a single-lens 16 MP main camera with a time of flight sensor and a front facing camera of 5 MP. Z Flip’s camera is more versatile and so is the image processing when compared to the Motorola Razr.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip surely offers a feature packed software experience with Android 10 (out of the box) and Samsung’s UI 2.0. On the other hand, Motorola Razr sports Android 9.0 Pie (out of the box) but will immediately be updated to Android 10. There is no record for software update for both the manufacturers.


Moto Razr costs $1,500 while Samsung Galaxy Z Flip starts from $1380.

Bottom Line

Clearly, Galaxy Z Flip from Samsung Mobile is a better purchase for most of the people. With a screen that is superior, processing power that is stronger, battery that has a longer life, camera that is definitely better, price that’s lower and camera that’s definitely better, Z Flip tops the flip game!

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