Muslim Man in New Delhi Took Brutal Beating for Transporting Beef

Muslim Man in New Delhi Took Brutal Beating for Transporting Beef

In India, a young Muslim man was brutally beaten up with hammer and impunity over suspicions that he was transporting beef. This happened on Friday morning and one of the culprits was arrested and an FIR was also lodged against him, according to a police official.

Videos of the incident surfaced on social media platforms, in which the group of men was kicking and dragging the driver, and one of them also used a hammer to hit the victim.

Several spectators were also seen in the video, watching the brutality. The Gurgaon police PRO said, “Victim Lukmaan told the police that he was transporting buffalo meat in his pick-up truck from Nuh to Sadar Bazar area of Gurgaon. When he reached Gurgaon, he was chased by some men on motorcycles. He sped away but got waylaid and thrashed by them.”

The official also added that the people took him to another place near Sonha and beat him up there too, and damaged his vehicle as well. Lukmaan, the victim, was hospitalized with many injuries and an FIR was registered in his name.

“One of the accused persons has been arrested. He has been identified as Pradeep Yadav, around 25 years old. He is a native of Bhiwani district but currently lives in Rajiv Nagar of Gurgaon. The other accused have also been identified and efforts are on to arrest them soon.”


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