7 Beauty Tools to Help You Get Your Dream Skin!

7 Beauty Tools to Help You Get Your Dream Skin!

We all love to have a healthy and glowing skin! If you’re still new to skin care and want to achieve that salon and spa look at home, then incorporating beauty tools in your skin care regime is the best choice you can make!  

 If a clear, smoother, and wrinkle-free skin is what you’re looking for then there are many beauty tools and face massagers that have been all the rage among many beauty gurus lately that can help give an extra boost to the serums, emulsions, and moisturisers you’re using and helps improves your skin and making it appear healthier. 

Beauty tools are important because not only are they a great and effective way and method to cleanse but they also massage and penetrate deep into your pores improving circulation and clearing away all the clogged pores.

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 We’ve listed some beauty tools available on Daraz that are suitable for beginners that are super affordable and highly effective that will save you lots of bucks and give you a professional cleansing and facial result at home. Just click on the images to buy!

Face Rollers


Face rollers have been a a real hype recently. It is a facial massager that has rollers made of stone mainly Jade, Quartz, or Amethyst and feels amazing on skin! It has the clever ability to bring down inflammation and improve micro-circulation on your face which means it targets wrinkles, redness, and swelling of the face. You can use these rollers to apply serums and moisterizers on the skin’s surface.

Pore Extractor

Diamond Dermabrasion Blackhead Acne Suction Removal Device Pore Cleaner Machine EU Plug

You know how whenever you’re looking at your face closely in the mirror and have the most irresistible urge to pick and squeeze those blackheads and whiteheads you see on your skin? This pore extractor is the correct way of clearing that gunk out of your skin and clearing your pores. Picking on your zits and clogged pores leads to scarring and more zits, so keep your hands away from your face and use this!

Microneedling Dermaroller

Micro Needles Derma Roller Dermaroller System Skin Care Microneedle Therapy Nurse System Anti Wrinkles(1.0 mm)

This may seem a little intimidating because of course nobody want’s to scratch their face with needles! However, micro needling or dermabrasion has been a popular method of achieving a clear and healthy skin. A dermaroller has micro needles attached to it which are not sharp enough to pierce through your skin but it designed rejuvenate your skin by clearing deep acne scars and making your skin plumper and glowing by reducing uneven skin tone. It is best used with vitamin C!

Neck Double Chin Massager

Neckline Slimmer Double Chin Remover Reducer, Face Lift Neck Massager Neck Genie Neckline Slimmer, Facial Flex Fitness Jawline Exerciser Shaper Equipment Toning System for Men & Women

This another massager but for your doublechin! As we know that regularly messaging your face improves the blood circulation which in results fights face fat and swelling, thus, this neck massager is great targeting the double chin by penetrating the facial muscles in a way that allows our chin looking firmer and sharper.

Facial Cleansers


If you’re not washing your skin correctly, then you know all the expensive treatments won’t work. These facial cleansers have been super popular lately which helps cleaning your skin better and also massage your face while doing it. Many dermatologists recommend using a non SLS and fragrance free face wash so if you want lather and better cleansing, these facial cleansers along with such a face wash will be your holy grail in the skin care regime!

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Light Therapy

Light therapy has been proved multiple times to reduce signs of scarring with a special blue light. Many light therapy facials and treatments cost a lot but with these tools, you can give yourself a light therapy treatment at home and reduce acne scars and dark spots.

Facial Steam Machine

3 in 1 Facial Steamer - Beige

This is the real OG when it comes to skin care 101. Our mothers and grand mothers always have advised us to “take steam” for better exfoliation which is true, when you use a facial steamer, your pores open up which is makes it the perfect preparation to use any deep cleansing mask!

So, incorporate the beauty tools and get better skin days ahead! Looking for more fashion tips and beauty hacks? Visit out blog DarazLife now!

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