20 Popular Baby Names and  Their Name Meaning in Urdu to Know!

20 Popular Baby Names and Their Name Meaning in Urdu to Know!

When it comes to naming a newborn baby, many parents often have a sentimental belief or most often there is a pleasant story involved in naming their children, but, if you’re still searching for ideas on what to name your new baby and are looking for unique baby names in Urdu or new name meaning in Urdu then you’re at the right place! 

Every individual on this earth before they are even born is given an identity through their names. Our names are what make us unique and give us an association of our existence and recognition. After all, it is what we’re going to be called for the rest of our lives. In every decade, there are popular Islamic baby boy names or Islami baby girl names that parents want to keep because to give their children a unique name. 

Many people in Pakistan believe that names have an effect on the personality of a person and whereas those who follow spiritual aspects and astrology in their minds when keeping a name prefer those names that have a positive link with their birth date. A good and Islamic name that follows according to elders influence a child’s personality and can result if it positively suits them or not. Consequently, when you’re searching for ideas for a baby name ideas or are just curious about what your own name means in Arabic or Urdu then you can find many interesting results online from Urdu name meaning dictionary. Or if you’re searching for names just for fun and want to find the literal meaning of your name and name meaning in Urdu and lucky number to see if it holds true for you and matches your or your loved ones’ personality or not. Moreover, you want to find modern baby names for your child in 2020 and if you’re a Muslim and want to find baby Muslim names in Quran then there are many unique new names that are becoming popular. 

New Name Meaning and Islamic Names 

It is always fascinating to have a pleasant name and find what your name means. If you’re an about-to-be new parent and are actively looking for baby boy names or baby girl names in Urdu that are unique and modern, then here are some Islami naam in urdu with meaning or ideas that are trending lately.  

Top 10 Baby Names Ideas and Name Meaning in Urdu for Boy 

Some names are evergreen due to their pleasant meanings or some Islamic baby boy names hold a religious value that makes many parents name their sons such as the name Muhammad. But, if you’re on the lookout for more name ideas and with pleasant boys’ name meaning in Urdu then here are some top 10 baby boy names in 2020 and 2021. 

Ayaan name meaning in Urdu:  “خدا کا تحفہ” / God’s gift
Lucky Number: 7
Ayaan name origin: Muslim Indian

2) Rafay:
Rafay name meaning in Urdu: “بلند کرنیوالا” “the exalter” or “to elevate the rank”
Lucky Number: 9
Rafay name origin: Arabic

3) Zayyan: 
Zayan name meaning in Urdu: خوبصورت /beautifier
Lucky number: 8
Zayan name origin: Arabic

4) Hassan:
Hassan name meaning in Urdu خوشنما، خُوب رُو/pleasing/ beautiful
Lucky number: 1
Hassan name origin: Arabic

5) Tabish:
Tabish name meaning in Urdu:  روشنی، چمک/ shine, glow
Lucky number: 1
Tabish name origin: Persian

6) Zarrar:
Zarrar name meaning in Urdu: ہمت والا/ Courageous. A great Muslim warrior
Lucky number: 9
Zarrar name origin: Persian/Arabic

7) Maaz:
Maaz name meaning in Urdu: مدد مانگنے والا/ one who demands
Lucky number: 1
Maaz name origin: Arabic

8) Jaziel:
Jaziel name meaning in Urdu: مضبوط/ strong
Lucky number: 6
Jaziel name origin: Arabic

9) Hunain:
Hunain name meaning in Urdu: میں محمد ﷺ نے لڑائی کی تھی /Valley Near Makkah Where A Battle Was Fought In The Time Of Prophet Muhammad
Lucky number:  1
Hunain name origin: Arabic

10) Naurez:
Naurez name meaning in Urdu: بادشاہ کا بیٹا, پارسی نیا سال/ Son of King,Persian New Year Variant
Lucky number: 5
Naurez name origin: Persian/Nigerian

Top 10 Baby Names and Name Meaning in Urdu for Girl

When parents are naming their newborn baby girl, they often look for baby girl names with meanings that are beautiful, soft, and charming. We have listed some popular Islamic names for girls in 2020, 2021 that you might love! 

1) Amna:
Amna name meaning in Urdu: رتبہ والی،حیسیت والی،/ peace
Lucky Number: 6
Amna name origin: Arabic

2) Hafsa: 
Hafsa name meaning in Urdu: حضور کی زوجہ مطہر کا نام,/ Lioness, brave, name of Prophet Muhammad’s wife
Lucky number: 3
Hafsa name origin: Arabic

3) Zonaira:
Zonaira name meaning in Urdu: جنت میں ملنے والا پھول،/flower in heaven
Lucky number: 4
Zonaira name origin: Arabic 

4) Ayesha:
Ayesha name meaning in Urdu: آرام پانے والی,زندہ دل/ lively, prosperous 
Lucky number: 7
Ayesha name origin: Arabic

5) Anaya:
Anaya name meaning in Urdu: تحفہ/gift
Lucky number: 1
Anaya name origin: Hindi

6) Eshal:
Eshal name meaning in Urdu: نت میں پھول کا نام/ a name of flower in the heaven
Lucky number: 1
Eshal name origin: Urdu

7) Nilwah:
Nilwah name meaning in Urdu: خالص/ Pure
Lucky Number: 8
Nilwah name origin: Arabic/Persian

8) Abeeha: 
Abeeha name meaning in Urdu: “حضرت فاطمہ رضی اللہ کا نام”/ title of Fatima (R.A) by Prophet PBUH, Her Father”.
Lucky Number: 7
Abeeha name origin: Arabic

9) Wafiya:
Wafiya name meaning in Urdu:  ایماندار, وفا دار/ faithful, loyal/ good-hearted
Lucky number: 7
Wafiya name origin: Arabic

10) Lyana:
Lyana name meaning in Urdu: روشنی کی آنکھ/ eye of the light
Lucky number: 1
Lyana name origin: French

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