Now Get Your New Toyota Corolla in Pakistan at the Best Price Online from Daraz!

Now Get Your New Toyota Corolla in Pakistan at the Best Price Online from Daraz!

Toyota has long been our go-to car manufacturer when it comes to strong, sturdy and long-lasting cars. Most people invest in a Toyota Model because they know that the durability that this car manufacturer has to offer is unparalleled. And what’s more, Toyota price in Pakistan has also been an added factor that makes it the number one choice of the people. Offering great quality at greater price, Toyota has everything to offer that you want in a car.

So whether you’re up for a Toyota Corolla, Prius, Camry, Vitz, Land Cruiser or any other model – Toyota will remain the most commonly-found car on the roads of the country.

And making it all-the-more easy for you to buy your own Toyota car, Daraz has finally launched its official Toyota Store. So you can now get your new Toyota Corolla online from Daraz!

Allow us to tell you more about what Toyota Pakistan on Daraz has to offer:

How to Order Your New Toyota Corolla in Pakistan Online from Daraz?

Terms and Conditions to Order New Toyota Corolla in Pakistan Online

1. The price mentioned is the suggested retail price, ex-factory Karachi, per unit inclusive F.E.D
2. The price is exclusive of withholding tax. Freight charges will apply in final price.
3. Customer is fully responsible to pay the registration amount determined by FBR/Excuse for filers and non-filers.
4. Warranty policy: 3 years of 100,000 KM (whichever comes first).

Models and Prices of New Toyota Corolla Available Online in Pakistan

ModelsKarachi FreightWHT FilerWHT Non-Filer
Corolla 1.3 XLi MT 600025,00050,000
Corolla 1.3 XLi Automatic 600025,00050,000
Corolla 1.3 GLi MT 600025,00050,000
Corolla 1.3 GLi Automatic 600025,00050,000
Corolla Altis 1.6L 600050,000100,000
Corolla 1.8L M/T600075,000150,000
Corolla 1.8L CVT-I 600075,000150,000
Altis Grande 1.8L M/T600075,0000150,000
Altis Grande 1.8L CVT600075,000150,000

Additional Benefits of Buying Your New Toyota Corolla in Pakistan from Daraz

  • When you order your new Toyota Corolla from Daraz, you’ll get accessories worth PKR 40,000. These accessories include a free front lower chrome garnish, free rear lower chrome garnish and a free side visor. These are original accessories that you would otherwise want to invest on – that’s PKR 40,000 worth of saving right there!
  • In addition, ordering from Daraz means that you can also apply your discount codes before checkout. This would give you additional cost savings on an already more reasonably priced new Toyota Corolla!

Daraz is set on a mission to make your buying experience easier and better. So if you can buy everything online, then why not cars? There are also other cars that you can buy online from Daraz!

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