Men Fashion under Rs 999 – Now that’s a Bargain

Men Fashion under Rs 999 – Now that’s a Bargain

Men Fashion, let’s face it, we all love to shop! And what better time to shop than sale time! Shopping on a budget has never been fun but what makes it fun is when you have a fashion house that’s offering you all your favorite items and that too for under 999 rupees! Now that is what you call a bargain. shop for all your fashion needs and go easy on your pocket. Fashion can be as simple as pairing a simple tee with a nice summery colored pair of chinos, or accessorizing with the right pair of shoes and watch.

Here are some of our summer essentials for our male fashion-forward men.

Multicolor Cotton V-Neck T-Shirts for Men Fashion

These tees are perfect to pair with any ripped jeans, trousers, or even shorts on a warm summer day, and head out with a bunch of boys to relax.

Navy Blue Fleece Polo Shirt For Men Fashion

The perfect choice for a movie plan with friends or even a special dinner plan with a special somebody! Navy blue is always a safe choice for all men and we just made the choice affordable as well!

Dusty Blue – Casual Cotton Shirt For Men Fashion

There’s never an occasion you can’t wear a blue shirt to – be it work, dinner, a party, or the beach, a dusty blue shirt comes in handy all the time!

 Men’s Long Sleeve Checkered Shirt

Checks are an all-time favorite among men and we can see why! Checks are often perfect for the beach, or a meeting and easily paired with any trousers or pants of your choice. This plaid shirt is trendy and understated for any guy that wants to look fashionable effortlessly.

Camel Colour Cotton Men’s Chino-Slim Fit

A soft shade of camel is always essential in every man’s wardrobe!

Cotton Khaki Pants for Men Fashion

Khaki pants have a way of looking trendy even with the least amount of styling! Pair these pants with a denim shirt, a white t-shirt, or any jumper, and look ready for the summer!

Black Moccasins for Men Fashion

Simple, fashionable, and classy! These moccasins should be stable in every man’s closet. It’s just the right amount of trendy and stylish for any man to flaunt.

Black Leather Strap Watch

A simple choice for every day where that super easy on your pocket as well.

Simple Brown Textured Leather Watch

We love the textured leather straps of this watch! A fashionable watch that is sure to make an impression when worn with even the simplest outfit – pair with a classic white shirt and blue jeans look and make a statement.

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