5 Top Low Electricity Consumption Fans with Prices in Pakistan

5 Top Low Electricity Consumption Fans with Prices in Pakistan

As the scorching heat of summer envelops Pakistan, finding respite from the sweltering temperatures becomes a necessity. One of the most effective ways to combat heat is by investing in a reliable and efficient fan. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into pak fan price in Pakistan, exploring their prices in Pakistan and presenting you with top choices to ensure a cool and comfortable environment in your home or office.

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List of 5 Fan with Prices in Pakistan

Here’s a comprehensive list of top Pak fan choices along with their respective prices:

BrandModelFeaturesPrice (in Rs.)
Pak FanSupreme Plus56-inch blade span, powerful motor, energy-efficient4,500
GFCRoyal48-inch blade span, adjustable speed settings3,200
OrientDelta55-inch blade span, sleek design4,800
Super AsiaSupreme50-inch blade span, silent operation3,800
DawlanceTurbo52-inch blade span, built-in thermal protection4,000

1. Pak Fan – Supreme Plus (Price: Rs. 4,500)

  • Model: Supreme Plus
  • Features: This Pak Fan model boasts a 56-inch blade span, making it ideal for larger spaces. It is equipped with a powerful motor for efficient air circulation and is energy-efficient, helping you stay cool without a high electricity bill.

2. GFC – Royal (Price: Rs. 3,200)

  • Model: Royal
  • Features: The GFC Royal fan comes with a 48-inch blade span and adjustable speed settings. This allows you to customize the airflow according to your comfort level. It’s a reliable choice for keeping your space comfortable during hot weather.

3. Orient – Delta (Price: Rs. 4,800)

  • Model: Delta
  • Features: The Orient Delta fan features a sleek design and a 55-inch blade span. Its elegant look makes it a great addition to any room. It combines style with functionality, ensuring effective air circulation and cooling.

4. Super Asia – Supreme (Price: Rs. 3,800)

  • Model: Supreme
  • Features: The Super Asia Supreme fan offers a 50-inch blade span and operates silently, making it suitable for bedrooms and quiet spaces. It efficiently circulates air while maintaining a peaceful environment.

5. Dawlance – Turbo (Price: Rs. 4,000)

  • Model: Turbo
  • Features: The Dawlance Turbo fan features a 52-inch blade span and comes with built-in thermal protection. This safety feature ensures the fan’s longevity and safe operation. It’s a reliable choice for cooling larger rooms.

The Importance of a Quality Fan

A high-quality fan is not just a luxury; it’s a fundamental tool for maintaining a comfortable living space. A well-designed fan can provide effective air circulation, helping to reduce humidity and create a refreshing atmosphere. With the right fan, you can beat the heat without straining your electricity bill.

Understanding Pak Fan Features

Pak fans are known for their durability and performance. Before exploring the price range and top choices, it’s essential to understand the key features that contribute to their effectiveness:

  1. Blade Design: The blade design plays a crucial role in determining the airflow and noise level of the fan. A well-designed blade ensures efficient air circulation without excessive noise.
  2. Motor Power: A powerful motor is essential for consistent and effective airflow. Opting for a fan with a higher motor power can ensure better performance.
  3. Energy Efficiency: With rising cost of living, energy-efficient fans help reduce energy costs. These fans consume less electricity while providing optimal cooling.
  4. Adjustable Settings: Fans with adjustable speed settings allow you to customize the airflow according to your comfort level and room size.
  5. Build Quality: Durable materials and sturdy construction ensure the longevity of the fan, making it a wise investment for years to come.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pak Fan

Before making a purchase, it’s important to keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Room Size: Choose a fan with an appropriate blade span that can effectively cover the size of your room.
  2. Noise Level: If you value a quiet environment, opt for fans with low noise levels.
  3. Brand Reputation: Reputable brands often offer better quality and customer support.
  4. Warranty: Check the warranty period offered by the manufacturer for peace of mind.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient fans can help you save on electricity bills in the long run.


In the battle against the scorching heat of summer, a high-quality fan emerges as your trusted ally. Its ability to provide effective air circulation and maintain a cool environment is invaluable. As you explore the wide range of options available, consider the features that matter most to you. With our guide to Pak fan prices in Pakistan and top choices, you can make an informed decision and invest in a fan that not only keeps you cool but also enhances your overall living experience. Stay comfortable, stay cool – choose a Pak fan for a refreshing oasis amid the heatwave. One of the best fan prices in Pakistan.

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