Pakistan is Signing an Agreement With Turkey for Dual Nationality

Pakistan is Signing an Agreement With Turkey for Dual Nationality

Turkey’s Anadolu news agency reported that Pakistan is planning to sign an agreement with Turkey to provide dual nationality to citizens from both countries.

Pakistan Ministry of Interior, Ijaz Ahmed Shah and Turkish Ambassador to Islamabad, Ihsan Mustada Yurdakul had a meeting and discussed the proposal and the Turkish Ambassador on behalf of his government suggested that both countries should sign an agreement for providing dual nationality to its citizens.

The minister also said that the draft is under consideration and it is suspected that they’ll reach a mutual conclusion in no time.

With that, the minister also welcomed mutual training programs and an upgrade in law enforcing agencies with Turkey.

Shah also welcomed the mutual training programs and upgradation of equipment of law enforcing agencies with Turkey.

Both the ambassador and the minister agreed to continue with the training programs in order to improve the capacity of the workforce.

Th ambassador also informed the minister that the president of Turkey and the interior minister will be visiting Pakistan soon and will be meeting Shah to discuss these matters.

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