10 Best Pakistani Mens Kurta Embroidery Designs 2021

10 Best Pakistani Mens Kurta Embroidery Designs 2021

Searching for Gents Kurta Design 2021? Find Pakistani Mens Kurta Embroidery Designs 2021 with Latest Gents Embroidery Designs and New Karhai Design for Man.

If you’re a man of style who enjoys making statements with your clothing, then the kurta design you select for yourself is incredibly important. It gives important cues about your personal style and vibe. Here are a few examples of how Pakistani designer kurtas suit different personalities!

Types of Pakistani Men’s Kurta Embroidery Designs in 2021:

  • Hand embroidery designs for men’s kurta 2021
  • Designer kurtas Pakistan 2021
  • Kurta karhai design for Men 2021
  • Men’s shalwar kameez collar designs 2021

Now lets talk about all these different types of gents kurta designs:

Pakistani Gents Kurta Designs 2021

Kurtas are a classic part of Pakistani fashion. But you can often end up feeling like you have no inspiration for new kurta designs. But fear not, we’re here to give you an idea of how you style men’s shalwar kameez for every occasion whether that’s a formal event, a professional setting, casual nights out, or just comfy days spent lounging at home.

If you’re even a little interested in men’s kurta designs Pakistani, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some gents kurta design 2020 that are going to continue to make waves in 2021!

1) Hand embroidery designs for men’s kurta 2021

Pakistani mens kurta embroidery design are very versatile. If you’re looking for something that can work for a formal setting like Eid or a small wedding event, these delicate hand embroidery designs for gents kurta are perfect!

But if you want to make more of a style statement with your hand embroidery gents kurta, then check out the options below!

2) Designer Kurtas Designs in Pakistan 2021

While getting clothes stitched by your personal tailor has its own charm, sometimes getting your hands on a desi designer kurta in Pakistan can make you feel just that extra bit special.

Pakistan designer kurtas range from being subtle, simple and classy to being bold, eccentric and vibrant. If you’re a fan of gents designer kurtas, check out some options below!

3) Kurta Karhai Design for Men 2021

Kurta karhai for men’s kurta is a great option for formal wedding events when you want to make an impact! You can either opt for kurta karhai designs for men that are more on the subtle side with just collar embroidery or go all out and get your hands on karhai designs for men’s kurtas that boast a full chest of work!

Check out some kurta karhai designs for men in 2021 below!

This is an example of subtle kurta karhai designs for men where muted colors are used and a minimal collar design dominates the overall design. If you’re someone who enjoys classy designs, go for something like this!

Want to make a fashion statement in your kurta? This Deepak Perwani number is a perfect example! The designer Pakistani kurta for men boasts full kurta karhai design and comes with accompanying shawl. This is perfect outfit for a fun mehndi night with the boys where you want to stand out!

4) Men’s Shalwar Kameez Collar Designs 2021

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Men’s shalwar kameez collar designs 2021 are all about small but classy highlights that take boring, plain kurtas and elevates them. You can either have something that lines the collar around your neck or you can have something that also goes down the collar line around the buttons as seen below!

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