Pakistani MMA Fighter Mehmosh Raza Defeats Ukraine’s Igor Grytskiv

Pakistani MMA Fighter Mehmosh Raza Defeats Ukraine’s Igor Grytskiv

Pakistan’s mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Mehmosh Raza defeated Ukraine’s Igor Grytskiv in their featherweight fight on the main card of Rebel FC 7 in Shanghai China on Sunday.

With that victory, Raza aka The Renegade improves his career record to 7-2 and cements his status as arguably the most exciting talent in the country’s MMA circuit.

In this fight, Raza was up against a 37-year-old opponent who, with a listed height of 6’2, was three inches taller and riding a seven-fight winning streak.

However, the 23-year-old Pakistani fighter managed to pull an upset victory over Grytskiv

Mehmosh “The Renegade” Raza, 25, fights out of Islamabad, Pakistan. Recently, the mixed martial artist signed with BRAVE Combat Federation talked about his childhood, which he split between Pakistan and Ireland.

“Growing up, I was bullied a lot,” Raza said. “I did not fit in Pakistan nor in Ireland. I was made fun of constantly for my looks, my accent and so on. In Ireland, I would be involved in a fight everyday after school.”

“I want to put where I come from on the map for the right reasons,” Raza continued. “It’d be a very strong message to say that the best in the world is here, he comes from Pakistan, and he’s doing positive things. I want to leave a good message, help people become the best, and let them know that they can do good things, spread positivity and make the world a better place. Inshallah.”

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