Paperbag Pants: Current Trend To Stock Up On!

Paperbag Pants: Current Trend To Stock Up On!

When we say, “loose fitted baggy pants that super comfortable”, the first thing that comes to our mind is a comfy thought of us in our nightsuit PJs..and we know, that’s the last thing associated with fashion!

But, for those of us who enjoy being comfortable throughout the day, the stars of what’s fashionable lately are in our favour!

Say hello to the latest fashion craze, Paperbag pants!

If you’re wondering, what on earth are paperbag pants? Then, don’t worry, they’re not made of paper, they’re basically highwaist pants that are usually loose-fitted from the top and have a bow you can wrap up around the waist.

They have been the latest street-style casual to even formal wear trend. So, if you’re wondering how to wear paperbag pants or where to get them from, scroll down our blog!

Baggy Plazzo-Style PaperBag Pants

These are comfortable and chic, what more can you ask for everyday wear?These will look perfect for a casual hang out with friends to an everyday university attire, you can pull it off anywhere!

Celmia Women Paperbag Tie Wide Leg Cotton Pants Culottes Plus Size Office Lady Trousers
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Slim-fit PaperBag Pants

You’re looking for a more sharper look, then these slim-fit styled paperbag pants are bound to incredible. You can even rock them for a semi-formal wear!

Mardaz Fashion Black Paper bag Waist Skinny Pants With Belt
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Mardaz Fashion Paper bag Waist Knot Textured Pants
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Gray Light Fit PaperBag Pants

This look in pants has been an iconic look when it comes to street-style fashion and we can totally imagine why! They look classy and super fashionable!

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Wide Cropped Paperbag Pants

These again can be utilized for that everyday casual look but with a little more chic and trendy feel to it!

Women's Pants Trouser Slim Casual Cropped Paper Bag Waist Pants Without Pockets
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Mardaz Fashion Paper bag Waist Layered Ruffle Hem Belted Pants
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Semi-Formal Paperbag Pants

These paperbag pants are bound to give you the classy and boss-like appearance you’re looking for! These are gonna be perfect for working ladies!

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Polka dotted Paperbag Pants

Who can say no to the insanely cute print of polka-dots! If you’re looking for a vintagey retro look to rock your attire, then these are perfect for a different look!

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Checkered Paperbag Pants

We’re 100% sure you must have come across at least one of your favorite celebrities rocking a checkered paperbang pant in a magazine shoot. So, why not embrace their trend and get a pair for yourself too?

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Women's Causal Office Ladies High Waist Outdoor Bow Plaid Print Long Pants
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Khaki Paperbag Pants

Khaki is color that looks amazing with basic shirts! So, if you’re tired of wearing your whites and blacks with boring old denim jeans then you need to get khaki Paperbag Pants to revamp your look!

ZANZEA Plus Size S-5XL Women's Casual Long Pants Bowknot Solid Pants Pencil Trousers
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Striped Paperbag Pants

Stripes can never fail you to look good! They look classy and you also look thin in a verticle stripped pattern. These pants will be the perfect way to look 10 pounds less in picture, we can vouch for it!

Colourful Vertical Stripes Side Vent High Waist Loose Wide-leg Pants (M)
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