Paulo Coelho Requests to Donate Books to Balochistan

Paulo Coelho Requests to Donate Books to Balochistan

Siraj Sheikh, the first person from Balochistan to graduate, was surprised after returning to his hometown that there were no libraries in his town.

After the lockdown started, he and his friends started the initiative of building libraries across the province.

After finding a place, they started asking for donations and books. After they got the right attention, many people started contributing in whatever way they could.

While their efforts were extraordinary in themselves, what happened later was truly extraordinary! The famous Brazilian writer, Paulo Coelho, learnt of their efforts and appealed to people to contribute to their cause!

“Send books to Balochistan, they’re building reading rooms,” Paulo Coelho tweeted.

Coelho has written many famoous books like the Alchemist, a Thousand Splendid Sons, and more! He is widely acclaimed and celebrated for his work.

Bilal Uddin

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