Pinterest Worthy Organization for Your Makeup & Jewelry

Pinterest Worthy Organization for Your Makeup & Jewelry

Is your vanity overflowing with more products than you can manage? Do you see pictures on Pinterest of perfectly aesthetic vanity tables and beauty room and wish you had the organizational skill to make your table not look like there was a tornado just blasting through?

This buying guide is going to help! Check out these insta-worthy and pinterest-worthy products to make your vanity look uber aesthetic!


1) Stylish trinket trays to display your everyday jewelry including studs, bracelets, rings, necklaces – you name it!

2) Acrylic organizers for all your makeup and jewelry that is just lying around somewhere

3) How about some pretty brush holders to keep all your makeup tools in one place? You can go for something decorative or select something more practical with a lid to protect from dust!

4) Stop losing your favorite nail polish colors once and for all with these uber cute nail polish organizers.

5) Keep your cotton buds and cotton rounds organized with these cute acrylic boxes.

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Usman Ghani

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