PM Imran Khan to Get Preliminary Report on PIA Crash

PM Imran Khan to Get Preliminary Report on PIA Crash

PM Imran Khan will be presented the preliminary report on PIA May 22 crash on Monday. The Aviation Division of the airlines will submit the report.

This tragic crash claimed 97 lines, with only 2 miracle survivors.

There was a high-level meeting held at the Aviation Division. In this meeting, important personnel like director-general civil aviation, secretary aviation and other officials were there. Other important people like heads of Aircraft Accident and Investigation team were also present. The report was presented by the head of the investigation – Air Commodore, Usman Ghani.

In the meanwhile, the French investigation also compiled a report after decoding the black boxes and gave the report to the PIA officials.

In May, PM Imran Khan had ordered a thorough investigation into the PIA crash and the Federal Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan had also announced that everyone responsible for the tragic accident will be brought forward after the investigation.

The premier also said that all previous reports on past accidents would be made public so that people can be aware of the facts of these tragedies.

The PK-8303 flight of PIA crashed on May 22 near Karachi Airport. The aircraft carried 99 people on board, of whom only 2 survived.

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