Polio Eradication Campaign Begins in Pakistan Today

Polio Eradication Campaign Begins in Pakistan Today

The first polio vaccination drive for 2020 starts today (Monday) and the campaign aims to vaccinate 39.6 million children under the age of five years across Pakistan.

It is also aimed that over 265,000 frontline polio workers will go and knock every door street in order to protect Pakistani children against this deadly virus. So, the best way to push out polio straight from the root is to stay committed and vaccinating ever child in every society.

The resolve is to urge Pakistanis to not only ensure vaccinations of their own child but also children around them.

Pakistan’s Polio Eradication Programme has scheduled a number of national campaigns so far and they aim to vaccine every child with two drops of oral polio vaccine during the February’20 campaign. This will protect children from the disease and will also prevent them from carrying this virus in their intestines. This will ensure a polio-free future as well.

This will be a national effort so it is important that parents support the polio workers and help them vaccinate their kids as well as children in their neighborhood. This campaign has also launched the Sehat Tahhafuz Helpline 1166 so as to seek advice and report about children that haven’t been vaccinated.

Usman Ghani

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