Prime Minister House to Be Converted into a University

Prime Minister House to Be Converted into a University

The government is planning of converting the Prime Minister House into a contemporary university which is likely to cost over Rs.35 billion. The land is around 50 acres and modern buildings will be constructed on that.

It is also announced that the construction should start right away without a pause and a committee was chaired for the association of the university at the Prime Minister House.

It was also notified that Rs. 200 million would be needed for the preliminary feaisbility for 3 centres of quality and 8 departments. The university plans to do schooling of contemporary technology.

It is also said that there’s a need of providing modernized technology so as to bring the manufacturing district of the nation at par with global standards.

This happened when the prime minister moved to Britain and saw their lifestyle as well as the residences of the political leaders. He also mentioned that Pakistan’s leaders reside in lavish places.

Usman Ghani

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