Quarantined and Bored? Look What People Are Buying Right Now!

Quarantined and Bored? Look What People Are Buying Right Now!

Has the quarantine bored and dulled your life? Well, we’ve got to change that!

Even though you can’t step out as much as you like and do the things you enjoy most, there are ways to kill the boredom during lockdown. Ever thought about getting yourself involved in the gaming world?

Games can pass your time in a jiffy, and have you so involved and entertained that you’d forget you’re in the middle of a lockdown!

Whether you’re interested in gaming consoles, mobile games or online games, Daraz can help you get the top gaming subscriptions very conveniently!

Here are some popular gaming gift cards that you can acquire right from the comfort of your home:

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You can also get the game keys for your top-rated games, and enjoy playing your favorite games all-day-long!

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And if you’re not into gaming so much, then why not get yourself an entertainment subscription and watch your favorite shows!

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You can also try your hand at some new skills while you’re at home. Here are some softwares you can buy online to practice mastering them:

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Daraz’s Digital Sahulat brings to you this variety of digital goods just to help offer you entertainment with convenience! The digital goods are easy to buy and easier to use. They’re the perfect purchase during this lockdown.

How to buy your digital goods:

  • Select the digital good you want to buy, and place your order by clicking on ‘buy now’.
  • Pay for them using prepaid methods (through debit/credit card).
  • Receive your digital goods via email or sms!

Don’t let the lockdown pull down your spirit. Get into your gaming zone with Daraz’s gaming subscriptions and time will fly!

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