#DarazEidHacks to Stop Your House From Smelling Like Qurbani Meat This Eid

#DarazEidHacks to Stop Your House From Smelling Like Qurbani Meat This Eid

There’s really no way to escape the smell of meat in the air during bakra eid. It is after all called ‘meaty eid’ for a reason. But while feasting on all that qurbani gosth might be fun, there’s much to be said about getting rid of the gamey smell from qurbani meat around your house.

Here are a few #DarazEidHacks that you can use to ensure your house, hands, and utensils smell meat-free!

1. Clean the Area of Qurbani with Paan Choona

Qurbani k gosht smell is something that won’t go away easily especially if you have multiple sacrifices happening in the same area. Cleaning the area where the sacrifice has been made is the obvious first step to getting rid of bad odors.

But here’s another hack you may not have considered. Sprinkling some choona – the kind that is spread on paan – helps absorb the smell of blood and clean up and dry the area where the animal was sacrificed quicker.

2. Have Some Baking Soda or Vinegar Boiling Nearby

Baking powder and vinegar: the cleaning combo power duo

Having a pot of water with some baking soda or vinegar boiling in the kitchen can help neutralize the odor of meat all around you. However, it might be difficult to have the heat of boiling water going off around you in this weather so we’d suggest simply placing a bowl of vinegar or a bowl of baking soda at different points in the kitchen to keep the odors of meat and cooking at bay.

3. Make Sure Your Kitchen is Well Ventilated

Remember to switch on the exhaust fan and open as many windows or doors as you can. Qurbani k gosht ki smell will hang heavy in an area if you don’t have cross ventilation!

4. Wear Gloves While Handling Meat

To prevent the odor of smelly meat on your hands while you’re handling it, you can wear disposable gloves. These will help keep your hands relatively cleaner as opposed to handling the meat with bare hands. This can also be a good way from ensuring no stray strings of raw meat end up stuck under your nails. No one wants that!

5. Wash Your Hands with Stainless Steel

Stainless steel odor removing ‘soap’ bar. Click to shop.

Yes, you read that right! Stainless steel utensils help neutralize the odor of strong scents. This not only works for the smell from qurbani meat but also for strong odors like garlic or onions.

You can use any stainless-steel utensil like a spoon or knife and rub it on your hands. There’s also a soap shaped stainless steel bar that you can rub your hands with under cold water and voila! The odors are gone!

6. Clean Off Your Utensils Immediately

Sometimes the stench from your kitchen is not due to the meat itself but the dirty utensils and surfaces in your kitchen.

Baking soda is your star ingredient for this. Sprinkle some baking soda on your kitchen slabs for an hour or so and then brush it off to get rid of nasty smelling odors. This hack also works to get rid of smells around your garbage can, the area of qurbani itself, and in your fridge too!  

Take extra care to clean things like your chopping board and knives which have the tendency to absorb smells. If you feel like the smell isn’t going away even after washing it multiple times, soak your board in a solution of water and vinegar for an hour or so and it’ll be good as new.

7. Add Some Pleasant Smells Around the House  

Adding some khushboo to get rid of qurbani badboo

We’ve talked enough about how to get rid of smells but let’s talk about how to make your house actually smell nice. Air fresheners are a good option but the mist they spray is temporary and may not always work to cover larger areas.

Instead, once the qurbani meathas been cleared away, you can make your home and kitchen smell nice by using a few ideas below;

  1. Boil a few sticks of cinnamon in a pot of water. This will give a great, warm and toasty aroma to your house.
  2. Boil some orange or lemon peels in a pot of water for some citrus-y kick to your space. You can combine this with the cinnamon for a good mix of scents.
  3. Light a scented candle or some agarbatis.
  4. Use a coal burner and give an oudh scented fresher to your home.
  5. Light some scented oils in an incense burner
  6. Grind some coffee beans or place a bowl of coffee beans in the center of your kitchen
  7. Bake something sweet to replace the smell of raw meat and cooking

8. Get an Air Purifier

Not familiar with an air purifier? No worries! An air purifier is a nifty little device that helps remove unwanted odors from your living spaces. Having one of these devices in your home can help clarify the air after all the cooking and distributing qurbani meat is done.

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