Ramadan & Fitness – How to Do it Right

Ramadan & Fitness – How to Do it Right

Ramadan is coming and all of us optimists out here think it’s the perfect time to start our weight loss journey. It’s pretty much part 2 of the new year’s resolution.

But let me tell you, it works! (if done right). Now while we usually have the theory down, it’s the execution bit that throws us for a loop. Here’s how to get started on the right foot.

Have a routine/plan

Its super, super tempting to sleep all day and eat all night, but that’s no way to go about life in general. You’re lucky enough to have a built-in routine into Ramadan, if you utilize these times right, you should be seeing those pounds going away in no time.

Don’t starve yourself

Everyone thinks that the only way to about losing weight is to starve yourself but you absolutely need to keep your energy up in order to power through the day. Sehri and Iftaar are times to eat smartly and eat right. Perhaps have a small meal at iftaar and follow it up with smaller ones to keep yourself satiated without going overboard and having the energy to tackle the next day.

Don’t go crazy at Sehri

Like I said, Sehri and Iftaar are two key times but they shouldn’t be treated like an all you can eat buffet. If you gorge yourself on food, your stomach and body will be reeling from the whiplash of being empty during the day and overfull at dawn.

Don’t be afraid to exercise

I know that we all want to conserve our energy during Ramadan as much as possible but you’d be surprised how much energy you’ll gain once you exercise. You’ll get rid of the lethargy and kickstart your metabolism.

Plan for consistency

Before you go gung ho with your diet plans ask yourself if this is something you can consistently maintain even beyond it. We all make the same mistake of starving ourselves during Ramadan and then gorging on delicious Eid dishes in the following weeks. This causes your body to whiplash and fall back into the same patterns of weight gain and before you know it you’re back to square one.

Usman Ghani

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