#Relationship Goals

#Relationship Goals

Valentines Day is a good time to ask yourself what kind of relationship you aspire to.  The stablest relationships have figured out the sweet spot between ‘you belong to me’ and ‘I belong to myself.’ In other words, if you love someone, you’ll give them space to breathe.


Maybe think twice before underestimating her FIFA skills. She is love at first strike!

We go together like popcorn and a cozy movie-night at home!

When the silences you share aren’t awkward, but comfortable

When your morning ‘routine’ is less routine and more love!

Because relationships and selfie-taking require one key trait: PATIENCE!

Because if he’d been paying attention, he’d know makeup bouquets are where it’s at 😉

Couples who move furniture together, stay together

Relationships that cherish the journey- not the destination

Usman Ghani

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