Rica vs. Sugar Wax – What’s Better?

Rica vs. Sugar Wax – What’s Better?

No matter how lazy we ladies get, waxing is an indispensable part of our lives and we at least have to assign a day every month for the waxing session. Getting rid of unwanted, ugly hair is a task, isnโ€™t it? And since itโ€™s a part of our monthly routine, weโ€™ve gotten so used to the warmth of the wax and the pulling pain that we barely feel it.

However, thatโ€™s pretty much opposite for those of us with sensitive skin. It not only hurts but sensitive skin is also prone to itchiness, redness, rashes and even a little bleeding.


These days, Rica wax has been the talk of the town. Also known as white chocolate wax, Rica is known to be painless. It comprises of vegetable oil and plant based ingredients and is made in Italy.

Rica Wax comes in two different types; Liposoluble and Brazilian. Lipsoluble is meant for areas like hands, legs and the rest of the body while Brazilian is specifically designed for the sensitive area including the face. Both of them are painless but Brazilian is comparatively better as it just sits on the hair and not on the skin. So, no pulling pain when you use Brazilian wax.

If you are someone who used sugar wax and youโ€™re planning to switch to Rica, here are a few points you need to know before you make your choice.

How are they used?

Sugar wax, whether you make it at home or use a store bought one, you can either heat it up in a wax machine or in a metal utensil and do it with ease. All you need is a butter knife or a bamboo stick, wax paper and a wet towel and youโ€™re good to go! Just apply it on the skin in the direction of your hair growth and remove it in the opposite direction. Once youโ€™re done, just apply some coconut oil or moisturizer to your skin.

On the contrary, Rica wax can be a little tricky. Even though Rica does not feel warm on the skin, you need to make sure itโ€™s really hot and has a thin consistency. Thick, cold rica wax might just stick to your skin and burn the patch. Even though this can be the worst nightmare, in case you get into such a situation, use any oil thatโ€™s suitable for the skin and rub it lightly to get rid of the stubborn wax.

Other than that, Rica wax also requires Rica lotion and a few other products which are used before and after the waxing procedure to make your experience better.


Which One is More Painful?

Sugar Wax can be slightly painful and you do feel a slight pulling pain unless youโ€™re just to used to it and feel nothing at all. Rica, on the other hand is hardly painful. Neither do you feel the heat nor the pain but if you do not follow the correct method of using it, you might just hurt yourself in the worst manner.


Which One Works Better?

Sugar Wax works fine for the skin but might require two to three patches to remove tiny, ingrown hair. Itโ€™s not harmful to the skin but isnโ€™t beneficial either and hair growth begins in around 15 days depending on your skin. Rica wax is quite gentle on the skin and offers quite a few benefits too which include keeping the skin moisturized.

The hair growth becomes quite slow which is a good part and also helps remove all the stubborn, tiny, ingrown hair. Repeated patches might cause rash on the skin. With rica wax, hair growth begins 20-25 days after wax depending on your skin.


Which One is More Messy?

Sugar Wax is not messy at all. It is very easy and hassle-free to use. Not even very sticky and can easily be cleaned too. Rica, on the other hand, can be really messy for those who do not know how to use it.

So, if youโ€™re new to it, make sure you use it after apply some oil or petroleum jelly to your hands. Rica isnโ€™t sticky but hard and stubborn so you need to be very careful.


Whatโ€™s the Price Difference?


Sugar wax can be made at home with sugar, water and a little bit of lemon juice. Even if youโ€™re lazy to use, you can easily purchase it at a very reasonable rate. Rica wax which is packed with a number of benefits for the skin and is painless too is quite expensive too. But, it is okay to spend a few extra bucks for wax that wonโ€™t irritate your skin or leave it inflamed.

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