Riz Ahmed Changes His 2020 Tour into an Online Festival for the Fans

Riz Ahmed Changes His 2020 Tour into an Online Festival for the Fans

Following the coronavirus lockdown. popular British actor, rapper and activist Rizwan Ahmed, more popularly known as Riz Ahmed, has announced an online festival for his fans.

Riz’s new album, ‘The Long Goodbye’, was scheduled to be released with a short film that had the same title. This was as part of his collaboration with WePresent and Aneil Karia. He had plans of presenting both to the world in his 2020 tour, also with the same title.

But because of the ongoing pandemic and lockdown, Riz has announced to present both in an ‘online festival’ that’s titled: The Long Lockdown. He has already released the film that shows a dystopian near future, which is coincidentally very relatable today.

He also announced about the festival in a video on his Twitter. He said,

“Day seven in quarantine, it’s feeling a little bit stir crazy. We want to encourage you to still stay at home though. So we’re going to provide you with some entertainment, the Long Goodbye tour is turning into the Long Lockdown festival.”

He also went on to talk about the schedule of the festival so that his fans can follow easily,

“So on Monday what we’re going to do is, we’re going to watch Four Lions together. We’re going to get me and Kayvan Novak who plays Waj in the film and we’ll talk you through the film, give you some commentary. We’ll tell you some of the stories behind making it. It’s gonna be the 10 year anniversary so we’re doing that Monday night (tonight) UK time.”

He further said that, “Wednesday we’re going to drop the new music video for the first track on the album called The Breakup. And if you leave me some questions on the Youtube comments, I’ll respond to them next week in a Q&A.”

He also revealed a complimentary collaboration that’s to take place during the Long Lockdown festival – “And on Friday we’re going to have a discussion with me, Guz Khan and Hasan Minhaj. So that’s the Long Lockdown Festival, you stay indoors, we’ll provide the entertainment. Much love.”

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