Robert Pattinson is the “Most Handsome Man in the World” According to Science!

Robert Pattinson is the “Most Handsome Man in the World” According to Science!

Robert Pattinson, the English actor who has been one of the most popular “vampires” to exist thanks to his role of Edward Cullen in Twilight has now, just like his character, been recognized as the most handsome man in the world and this time, it’s not the decision of preteen/teen girls, but it’s according to Science!

Robert Pattinson has been declared as to be having an almost near to perfect symmetry of his face and facial features. This determination of which person is considered beautiful/handsome is done according to the Golden Ration of Beauty Phi.

Scientists have used this mathematical rule to explain why some people are considered more beautiful than others. The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi works by determining the measurement of a person. His/her facial length and width are measured and the length is then divided by the width. According to this Golden Ration rule, the person who’s measures results nearly equal to 1.6 is considered to be beautiful.

Even though we staunchly believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but it is observed, that people often are attracted to symmetry more.

A famous cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Julian De Silva, based this who based the “science” of the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi on the actor Robert Pattinson, who was found to have the perfect symmetry of his face.

Robert Pattinson scored a whopping 92.15 percent on the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi. He beat other popular male actors such as Henry Cavill (91.64%), Bradley Cooper (91.08%), Brad Pitt (90.51%) and George Clooney (89.91%) among others for the title thanks to this golden rule.

Last year, the English newspaper, “Dailymail” had declared the supermodel, Bella Hadid, to be the most beautiful woman in the world according to the golden ratio and now, this year, they released the news that Robert Pattinson is the most handsome man according to the realms of mathematical and scientific rules!

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