Saba Hamid Requests Corona Patients to Not Use ‘Sana Makki’

Saba Hamid Requests Corona Patients to Not Use ‘Sana Makki’

Well-known TV actress, Sana Hamid, has taken it on herself to clarify a misconception regarding the use of Sana Makki (senna plant) in curing the Covid-19.

Photos and videos on how to consume sana makki to cure coronavirus had gone viral on the internet. However, it was later discovered as health experts dived deep into the study of the herbal treatment that the herbal treatment in no way cures the novel virus.

There were other posts as well on different social media platforms and Whatsapp messages that talked about how a UK-based doctor said that he had cured 150 Covid infected patients with tea made from the senna plant.

However, that was also not true.

Now, Sana Hamid, has begun to warm people about using this plant. While talking to Twitter, Hamid said, “Covid patients should not use sana makki, it’s a laxative, it dehydrates the patient and he/she can die, only normal people can take it for constipation but that too once a day and little in quantity, there is no medical evidence that it’s a covid cure.”

Earlier, Saba also requested prayers on her social media for costar, Rubina Ashraf, who had tested positive.

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