Several Species of Wild Birds Rescued from Karachi’s Empress Market

Several Species of Wild Birds Rescued from Karachi’s Empress Market

The Sindh Wildlife Department (SWD) confiscated at least 10 wild birds of various species from Karachi’s Empress market. The officials later released the birds in their actual habitats.

Azeem Kachhelo, the SWD game inspector, said that the 10 birds that were seized included two barn owls, five seagulls and three falcons. They confiscated the birds during a routine visit to the market. He also added,

“The poacher managed to escape when we reached the spot.”

He said that poachers that’re involved in such trade are well aware that this is illegal trade and that the provincial government has banned the purchase or sale of such birds. He said,

“The trade of wild birds is completely banned. The poachers know they cannot sell trapped birds so easily.”

The wildlife department officials shared that the seagulls and falcons were released near Sea View Beach in Clifton. And the barn owls were set released in a hilly area close to the Super Highway.

A case was also registered against unknown poachers in line with the SWD laws.

Empress Market, Lalukhet and Lea Market are known as the popular hubs in Karachi for bird-trading, including rare species. Kachhelo commented,

“But no one can continue in this illegal trade now. We remain active around the clock and do not allow anyone to sell” trapped birds openly in the markets.”

Bilal Uddin

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