Shaniera Akram to Kangana Ranaut: You’re No Mother Teresa

Shaniera Akram to Kangana Ranaut: You’re No Mother Teresa

Kangana Ranaut has recent been caught making strong comments on Jaya Bachchan, Urmela Matondkar and Bollywood in general. She also claimed that she has never been involved in starting a fight and that she’d quit Twitter if anybody could prove her wrong.

Kangana tweeted, “I may come across as a very ‘ladaku’ person but it’s not true, I have a record of never starting a fight, I will quit twitter if anyone can prove otherwise, I never start a fight but I finish every fight. God said when someone asks you to fight, you mustn’t deny them.”

This statement was made a little after Ranaut had a tweet spat with film maker Anurag Kashyap, Kashyap took a jibe at Ranaut, saying that she’s a warrior and would keep fighting for herself and the country.  

In response to all these twitter spats that Kangana Ranaut has been found to be a part of, Shaniera Akram also tweeted, “You may not start fights, but you’re not exactly Mother Teresa now are you.”

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