Sindh Inspector Disallows Gatherings of Over 3 People

Sindh Inspector Disallows Gatherings of Over 3 People

Due to the increasing number of Coronavirus cases, Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar, has given stern instructions to the police that not more than four people are to be allowed to travel in vehicles or gather on streets or any other places without a legit reason. If found to do for no convincing reason, legal proceedings were to be initiated against them.

The police chief of Sindh had to issue such instructions because of the latest rise in the number of Coronavirus cases. He observed that serious measures need to be taken to contain the spread of the current epidemic.

According to him, the first step in fighting Covid-19 is restricting the movement of people. Of course, the police can only do so much. It then comes down to the people themselves to take responsibility and restrict unnecessary travel and social gatherings.

The IG also extended his gratitude towards the public, traders and others who voluntarily decided to follow the instructions and guidelines issued by the provincial government. Many also offered their cooperation to the relevant institutions that are active in this regard.

Mr. Mahar also said that this is the time for the people to show responsibility in fighting the virus. They should administer self-isolation and also practice all the instructions laid down by the government.

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