#DarazEidHacks: Get Eid Ready With This Complete At-Home Facial Routine!

#DarazEidHacks: Get Eid Ready With This Complete At-Home Facial Routine!

Step One: Cleanse Your Face

A good facial always begins with a deep cleanse. The very first thing you’ll want is a clean face to start with. There are two options when it comes to cleansing your face.

  1. Wash your face with a cleanser suited to your skin type. Avoid foamy cleansers if you have dry skin because they will strip your skin of moisture. Go for more cream based cleansers instead.
  2. You can start off with an oil cleanser like this one, and then follow it up with a creamy or foamy cleanser. This method ensures that all the oil and water based makeup on your face is removed completely and there’s no residue left.

Step Two: Steam Your Face

Steaming your face is not for everyone. If you have a lot of acne for example, steaming your face may cause more inflammation or irritation. So you’re better off leaving it alone.

But for normal skin types or even dry skin types, especially those that suffer from a lot of whiteheads and blackheads, steaming your face can help make extraction easier.

Step Three: Exfoliate


Exfoliation allows you to remove the dead skin layer on top of your face, leaving it glowy and smooth. This is probably one of the most satisfying parts of a facial but it requires extra care in order to keep from over-doing it. Here are some rules that you should generally follow while exfoliating your skin;

  • Make sure the exfoliator you’re using isn’t too harsh on your skin or it can cause micro tears that damage your skin in the long run.
  • Don’t exfoliate more than 2 times a week, MAX 3 times.
  • Be very gentle while exfoliating – don’t scrub too hard and drag your skin.

You can choose a physical exfoliator such as a scrub like this or you can opt for gentler chemical exfoliation through products like this.

Step Four: Extract Black/Whiteheads

Pesky whiteheads and blackheads have a habit of commonly forming right around your nose and chin. Once you’ve steamed your face and exfoliated the dead skin away, some of the white/blackheads will have disappeared but some will remain.

For this, you’ll want to do a specialized treatment. You can either use a tool like this and gently push the whiteheads out or you can use blackhead removing strips like this one or some activated charcoal powder to give your problem areas a deep cleanse.

Step Five: Mask


Masks are a great way to target a lot of skin concerns like hydration, dullness, illumination, and oiliness. There are a number of masks on the market from sheet masks to clay masks to gel masks and even special masks for your hands, feet, eyes, and lips. If none of these seem to interest you, you can always whip up a DIY face mask recipe using some gram flour as your base.

Step Six: Tone

Toner is added to help balance your skin’s pH levels. It may not seem like a very important step in your routine but it can help the rest of the products you will use absorb into your skin better.

You can use a toner specialized for your skin type but in case you want to take the more natural route, you can always replace your toner with natural rose water.

Step Seven: Moisturize


Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is very important. A good moisturizer helps keep your skin from overcompensating with extra oil, helps smooth out the look of wrinkles and will give you a nice, hydrated glow-from-within.

Step Eight: Eye Cream


It may seem like you’re just layering creams on top of cream but trust us! The skin under your eyes is very sensitive and requires additional care. You can find a number of different eye creams to help target dark circles, fine lines, and general tiredness right here!

Other Self-Care to Add On

Your DIY facial at home doesn’t need to end with your face. While you’re at it, here are a few other things you can add to relax yourself further and look just a little more groomed for eid!

  • Oil your hair to make it soft and silky for Eid!
  • Use a chilled jade roller on your face to help de-puff and gently massage your muscles.
  • Give yourself a quick mani/pedi
  • Exfoliate all over your body with a good body scrub

If you’re interested in stocking up on beauty essentials, you might want to check out our Ultimate Beauty Essentials Buying Guide right here!

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