Stages of Losing Your Cell Phone

Stages of Losing Your Cell Phone

We’ve all lost our phone at some point. Whether you just forgot it somewhere, or it was taken, the loss of a phone is something that takes a while coming to terms to.


This is that sweet, sweet time when you haven’t even realized that you’ve lost your phone. You’ll miss it. You are so lucky to not know, because a moment later, you’re gonna get a shock. I’d tell you to brace yourself but I can’t cause you don’t have a clue.


This is the moment, the moment, when you realize you don’t have your phone. You check your bag and it isn’t there, you check your pockets and nothing. You call it and its off. Oh no, its gone. Your baby, how could you lose your baby. You check ‘find my phone’ and still no luck. You still keep looking.


You couldn’t have lost your phone. You just had it a moment ago. How could it be gone? You check all the usual spots once again. You call again. You’re sure you’ll find it. But you’re so, so very wrong. You find yourself still reaching for your phone by accident, only to realize it’s not there.


Fine. You lost it. You lost your baby and now there’s nothing you can do. So, you just sit in sadness, coming to terms with the fact that you just won’t find it anymore.


So, its time, you have to get a new phone. You scour the internet for recommendations. This is a whole new opportunity to get the phone you always wanted. You’re like a kid in a candy shop. You finally place an order online.


You love the feeling of your shiny new phone. You don’t even give a second thought to the one you just lost. It’s a whole new adventure with this new phone. Buying this is the best decision you’ve ever made.

Usman Ghani

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