Summer Staycation Goals

Summer Staycation Goals

Summer is here, which means HOLIDAY SEASON!

But not everyone gets to go on holiday

Whether you’re a busy bee or just don’t feel like going anywhere other than the comfort of your home, here are some great ideas so you can turn your days off into a staycation!

  1. Visit the monuments that are around you

Make the most of your city and head to all the cool places it has in store for you. Make it a day of discovery where you get to know your own neighborhood in a closer way

  1. Do a home spa day

What better way to take a break than by doing nothing at all. Pop on a face mask. Soak your feet in warm water, put on some music and tune out the rest. Best vacation ever!

  1. Have a crafty day

Put your creative juices to work and make something cool. Perhaps some artwork that you can display. The key is to have fun even if you’re not the next Sadequain.


  1. Experiment with new recipes

Cooking can be hard in the summer when you’re stuck in front of a hot stove. Which is why we suggest standing in front of a blender instead and creating new fruit punches and cocktails and testing them out on your family.

  1. Create a reading list

Turn on the AC in the afternoons, make a cup of tea and laze away the day with a good book for company. You’ll thank yourself for finally getting through the books you’ve had sitting on your shelf for so long.

  1. Cut out all stress

Just because you haven’t flown out to another country doesn’t mean you don’t get to tune the world out. That means no answering work emails, no pending assignments, nothing. Just shut off and focus on yourself.

Happy Staycation Everyone!

Usman Ghani

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