Taher Shah to Release His New Song “First Look” on 14th of March

Taher Shah to Release His New Song “First Look” on 14th of March

The internet sensation Taher Shah is back again and this time it is with a brand new song that we will hear on the 14th of March.

Taher Shah gained nationwide fame after his song “Eye to Eye” became a viral video on the internet in 2013 where people were thoroughly entertained with the singer’s quirky and unusual form at singing and visual effects. He, later on, he released Mankind’s Angel in 2016 that gained him the fame we see now.

And now, last December the Mankind’s Angel singer teased in a tweet that he’ll be releasing a new song in the year 2020 and he has tweeted a picture of red hearts made of roses and we’re wondering what new gimmick he has in store for us!

Taher Shah shut all the criticism and has made everyone smile with his video and in 2017 he won an award at the APEX Short Film and Music Video Festival in the United States.

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